ESHEL BEN-JACOB School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University

Exploring Water Complexity

    Water formatics

    Engineered formation of nanobubbles networks in water and aqueous solutions
    Induced long range order, water structure and water memory

    We present the idea that the anomalous effects of rf-treatments of water and aqueous solution resulted from the formation of pliable network of gas nanobubbles that has special hierarchical organization [1]. The emerged nanobubble network is the out come of a self organization process due to the collective effect of bubble-bubble exchange interactions. These exchange interactions are mediated by the ordering of the water molecules surrounding the nanobubbles. Here we discuss the specific example of engineered formation by rf-treatment. Such nanobubble networks are likely to be formed also by acoustic treatment or combination of rf and acoustic treatments.

    Nanoparticle Doped Water - Neowater (TM)

    The effects of the rf-treatments of water and aqueous solutions can be amplified and stabilized by doping the water with low density of insoluble nanoparticles [1]. The process is owned by Do-Coop Technologies Ltd . which produces Neowater. The process starts with reverse osmosis (RO) water that is kept below the anomaly point (i.e. below 4�C) and is irradiated by rf signal at 915 MHz at a power of 60 watt. After 10 minutes of rf-irradiation, sub-micron size powder of barium titanate that is heated to about 900�C is dropped from the furnace into the water and the rf- irradiation continuous for additional 5 minutes. Then the water is placed at room temperature for two days, until most of the source powder (that contains larger particles) sinks to the bottom and the clear part of the water is separated.

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